Our Courses

We listen to your challenges and understand them. We know every environment is different, so our tailored approach to each engagement ensures your unique requirements are addressed to provide the best value possible. With our tailored training packages, we’ll try and keep you one step ahead of the other hackers (the bad kind).

Introduction Courses

If you’re looking to get an idea of how an attacker may gain access to and exploit your network, or if you just want to learn the art, these are the courses for you.

These courses include:



Specialised Training

Specialised Training in Reverse Engineering, Custom and Infrastructure Penetration Testing and Cyber Operations

These are required by the client or end consumer depending on the topics in information security that they are interested in taking on or learning.



Intermediate/Advanced Courses

Our intermediate course is an immersive hands-on experience aimed at a technical audience looking to delve into or increase their presence in the world of security. The training covers a lot of popular security topics and will help students fully understand a variety of ways in which an attacker could access and exploit critical infrastructure.

These courses include:

  • CVL003 – Advanced Professional Penetration Testing. 

  • CVL004 – Professional Web Application Security and Defenses. 

  • CVL005 – Defensive Security Engineering.

  • CVL006 – Mobile Application Security



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