About Cv Labs

When it comes to security testing, there are good reasons not to go at it alone and rely solely on in-house security analyses. The data that rigorous testing requires—and generates—can be massive, even overwhelming, as penetration test results, code reviews and vulnerability scans pile up quickly. And as the scale of an enterprise increases, so does the raft of testing data that needs to be gathered and sifted.


For an enterprise seeking an objective, rigorous security testing partner, convolutional labs offers a trustworthy, experienced team of security analysts and ethical hackers with experience in large, transformational projects, backed by a company with security experience and industry-leading security research.


Our team builds on both original investigations and data gathered from different monitored sections to deliver a security testing program to efficiently manage and store vulnerability data, rapidly test virtually any kind of target, and deliver analytics to help you rate your risk. In our engagements, security analysts with deep industry experience protect companies from attack, document requirements and recommend a testing profile for each of your targets.


Penetration Testing

With our penetration testing engagements, we aim to help organizations to understand the impact of a perceived threat and evaluate how functional are their security measures in protecting their information assets. 

Red Team Operations

Penetration Testing is careful, orderly, deliberate and repeatable but it’s not the only important kind to employ. 

Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics is the process of uncovering and interpreting electronic data. 

Threat Modeling

With threat modeling, we build a portfolio of an attack depending on how an organization is structured.

Incident Response

Incident Response is the process of actively recovering from security breaches with focus on recovery and reducing impact. Many organizations are challenged with how to manage and handle security breaches.

Security Training

We offer training in all the different sections of information security. For more information, check our detailed trainings section.